Thursday, October 16, 2014

Model Home Inspiration

The home I'm about to show you is beautiful!  It's located in Sedona, Arizona.  I joke with my husband about moving to Arizona.  It's always warm there.  I know winter is upon us soon and I don't do cold weather very well.

Here's the family room.  I love how the doors fold back to open up to the connected patio.  It's one big room.  I also like the floor to ceiling stone fireplace.  We've talked about adding stone to our fireplace for a while now.  The hardwood floors in here are beautiful...dark and handscraped.

Here's looking from the other side of the room.  The doors open up to the center courtyard.  Check out the skylights along the top of the wall.  I imagine

The dining room separates the family room and kitchen.  Love the chandelier!

Here's the kitchen.  I love me some dark cabinets.  We currently don't have decor over our kitchen cabinets and I like what they've done here.  It's not too busy but decorates the top nicely.

Those pendants are awesome.  I like that they've set the island like a table but it would never last in my house with the kids' fingers on everything.

Looking back into the living areas.  I like that a person could be in the kitchen cooking and still be able to interact with whomever is in the adjoining rooms.


Love the courtyard.  What a great place to hangout and have company over.  With it being on the inner area of the home, you don't have to worry about nosy neighbors peeking over.

Master Bedroom

I like that there's a dedicated media room.  All the electronic devices and equipment can all be housed without being in the way.

Did you notice they kept the blue and orange color palette throughout the house?  I'm not big on orange, but it works here.

Photos via Dorn Homes
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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Paint Colors in Our Home

I've wanted to do this post for a while now.  I thought it would be fun to have one post with all the paint colors I've used in the house.  When we started painting, I didn't have a plan for all the colors to go together, I went with what felt right in the rooms.  It looks like gray is becoming a favorite around here.


The main floor is this color.  It was the first color chosen in this house.  I wanted something neutral and could flow throughout since our home is open concept.

I wanted an accent wall in this space.  This way I could break up all the tan.  The color is a grayish-blue and works perfectly with the blue accents throughout the downstairs.

This room is smaller but I knew with a darker color, it would bring a lot more drama.

This dark gray started in the loft area.  We were hesitant to go so dark but glad we did.  It's nice to go up the stairs and be greeted by this wall.

We loved this color so much, we carried it over to the front door.  I have wanted a dark door for a while.  I knew black wasn't an option because it can be stark and harsh.  This gray was a good balance and looks great against the white trim.

My daughter's room was one of the first complete.  The bright green allowed me to have fun and use other colors that weren't used anywhere else in the house.


The master bedroom is a light greige and a lot lighter than the rest of the house.  I love the openness this color brings.

We wanted the master bedroom to feel like a spa retreat.  We felt like blue was the obvious color choice.

The office is another shade of gray.  It has more of a medium tone.

The nursery started gray but I wanted to try my hand at stripes.  I love this wall in my son's room.  It's such a focal point.

I used this color in both my son's bathroom and my daughter's bathroom.  It's funny how the color looks different in each space.  My son's bathroom is more masculine with the gray accents.

My daughter's bathroom is more fun with the bright pops of color.

So glad I finally put this together.  It's a quick reference for me and you.

There are a few rooms I'm itching to paint over.  I would love the paint the entire main floor gray.  I keep mentioning it to hubby, but he keeps saying no.  It was a bear to paint it all ourselves so I know why he's saying no but I still want it.

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Friday, October 10, 2014

Round Mirrors

These mirrors are everywhere.  Some things you think are a trend but they seem to be holding their own.  They make the perfect focal point over a bed, sofa, or console table.  Round mirrors also give an unexpected element to a room full of right angles, especially in a modern space.

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This mirror is great over the dresser.


I love this wall of mirrors.  Not to mention the dark wall.


I love the round his and her mirrors in the bathroom.


Here's a great grouping of various sizes.

If our TV wasn't on our dresser, I think I would definitely put a mirror over it like this one.

This mirror anchors the buffet table in this dining room.


I love this grouping of large mirrors over a sofa.


I'm thinking a round mirror could be in my future.  You in on the round mirrors?

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